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NYC's Hottest New Neigborhood Smells Like Exhaust

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Spurred on by a rezoning and the promise of the Hudson Yards development and 7 train extension, the Far West Side has seen a number of luxurious new buildings, mostly rentals, spring up lately. Only don't call it the Far West Side?call it The Linc, one resident's nickname for the 'hood that the Daily News enthusiastically adopts in a gushing profile on the Midtown micronabe. The Linc, of course, refers to the area's biggest draw, the Lincoln Tunnel, but the "newest emerging nabe" in NYC won't just be known for gridlock and the Javits Center for long. While new restaurants and American Apparels are predicted, the 'hood is "not a place for families, yet," Jason Sheftell writes. Here's the current sitch:

For now, it still has an old New York feel as eccentric locals and a spillover of tourists and colorful panhandlers from the Port Authority Bus Terminal crowd the gritty streets — recently joined by young preprofessionals paying more than $2,500 a month to live in studio apartments in the new crop of luxury rentals. Bars, some new and expensive, others decades old and mangy, are everywhere. A flea market is open at 39th St. and Ninth Ave. every weekend.Sheftell writes about one local, Daddy Wheelchair, who rolls around "begging for money to support a drug habit he doesn't hide." Funny, we don't remember Daddy Wheelchair being listed among Ohm's amenities.
· Area near Lincoln Tunnel, aka 'The Linc,' is newest emerging nabe in NYC [NYDN]