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123 Third Avenue Readies for Market by Raising Prices

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A few months after its teaser website first went live, 123 Third Avenue, the luxury condo building that topped off in January and is hoping to bring in some buyers with an East Union Square label, is finally planning to launch sales within the next few weeks. One broker-blogger predicted way back when that the building's glacially slow entry on the market was due to the developers' plan to raise prices. And...right in one! The Real Deal catches up with one of the building's developers, who says pricing will now be in the $1,100-$1,150/square foot range, the same per-square-foot prices planned before the downturn. That works out to one-bedrooms starting at $585,000, two-bedrooms starting at $1.25 million, and penthouses starting at $3.5 million. We're a little skeptical about the building's fall construction completion claims, but grudgingly impressed by the attempt to defy the curse of 14th Street.
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123 Third Avenue

123 Third Avenue, New York, NY