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Attack of the Street Pianos; Bad Vibrations at Tribeca's Fairchild

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LIC, NYC?Over the weekend a tipster sent in the above photos of the new piano in Long Island City's Gantry Park. It was still wrapped, awaiting the kick-off of Play Me, I'm Yours, artist Luke Jerram's installation of 60 pianos in public spaces through July 5th. The project's website has a map and photos of the pianos in their new temporary homes, ready for some ivory tickling. Though, based on how people treat the phone booths near Tompkins Square Park, we wouldn't go anywhere near that piano. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TRIBECA?Why would someone with no connection to the Fairchild at 55 Vestry be so concerned about the building's A/C? The answer comes at the end of this irate e-mail: "LUXURY BUYERS at 55 Vestry BEWARE!! The A/C unit located on the roof of 55 Vestry will drive ALL AWAY!!!!!!! It is incredibly loud, vibrating and on 24 hours a day. Please raise the awareness of this TERRIBLE ENGINEERING PROBLEM to all prospective buyers-- especially those in contract. They will NOT BE HAPPY when they hear it. Someone must do something about it!

430 Greenwich Street
Directly opposite 55 Vestry" [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Fairchild

55 Vestry Street, New York, NY