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Seen From Above, Madonna's Material World Already Taking Shape

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At 57' wide, Madonna's $32 million Upper East Side mansion is big enough to house all of her discarded personalities and most of their romantic partners (Sean Penn and A-Rod may have to share a maid's room), but for Madge that's just not big enough. So she's adding another floor, among other heavy duty renovations revealed over the weekend. A tipster drops this photo in our inbox and adds: "I was in an apartment on E 80th today, and was looking down at the construction on the new top floor of Madonna's mansion. Not sure which space the hair salon is, but there were a lot of construction guys looking rather busy working hard on that material world." Construction guys actually looking busy? Maybe they realize the next Guy Ritchie could be among them.
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152 East 81st Street

152 East 81st Street, New York, NY 10028