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Brooklyn Heights House for Horses Gallops to a Quick Sale

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The carriage house at 8 Grace Court Alley is one of those pristine Brooklyn Heights homes that makes even the most staunch Manhattanites do subway commute calculations in their heads. The historic house, 30' wide, is configured as a seven-room apartment on the top floor and a five-car garage on the lower level. The space could fit even more cars if not for the original stable that takes up a chunk of the room. This amazing detail led to the house quickly becoming a Brownstoner obsession. It was featured as a House of the Day when it hit the market in late April for $2.95 million, and 'Stoner took notice when it went into contract earlier this month. ACRIS records show the (cash?) sale has already happened, for $2.65 million, to a buyer known only as Mr. Ed. Just kidding, it sold to Brooklyn Museum board member and patron of the arts Diane H. Steinberg, who we hope intends to practice dressage out on Joralemon Street.

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