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Two Bronx Beauties: The Grand Councourse and...Snooki?

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The Bronx hasn't been much of a presence on the celebrity real estate pages since Regis Philbin moved out shortly before the Civil War, but that's all changed with the uptown invasion threatened by a certain itty bitty poofed-up punching bag. That's right, Jersey Shore spark plug Snooki tells Page Six she wants to move to the Bronx because "there's loads of Guidos there, and I might meet a nice one out walking the dog or something." We fully expect BoogieDowner to have changed its tagline to "There's loads of Guidos here!" by the end of business hours today.

Meanwhile, in Bronx news that has little to do with tainted hot tubs, the Post reports that the creation of a Grand Concourse Historic District will take a step forward at a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing tomorrow. The proposed district includes a section of the Bronx's Champs-Elysées that's loaded with pre-war art deco buildings that could make perfect potential homes for the Snookster?as long as landmarking doesn't affect the installation of tanning beds.
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