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Madonna's House Getting a Makeover; Co-ops on Facebook; More!

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1) Some details on the renovation now underway on Madonna's 152 East 81st Street mansion: she'll be adding another floor for a gym, plus two new master suites, a hair salon (!) and luggage closet, and a wine cellar. So why buy a place that needs so much work? The renovations will cost only $1.7 million, compared to the home's $32 million price tag. ['Madonna buff$ up townhouse/NYP]

2) Ruh-roh! More and more co-ops are discovering Facebook and reading up about prospective buyers and their kiddies prior to board interviews. Some tips: if your kids wear Goth clothes, don't bother submitting an application package. But if your teen son runs a hot dog stand and pedicab business, you're in! ['Caught in the Web']

3) A hunter looking for a two- or three-bedroom for up to $1.2 million found her ideal Manhattan pads out of her reach. Next stop: Jersey City. She ended up with a 3BR for just over $1.1 million (common charges: $900/month) in new development Crystal Point. [The Hunt/'Manhattan Was the Dream']
4) The twin-towered 835-apartment new development 505W37 has had a little trouble filling up. The solution? Almost give away an apartment! The developer has leased a 2BR penthouse to a nonprofit performing arts organization to house visiting dancers. How much do these twinkletoes pay in rent? $1. Okay, fine: we were wrong to quit ballet. [Posting/'Developer Offers Penthouse to Performing Arts Group']

5) Fashion designer Rachel Comey is now the proud owner of a Soho loft for which she paid about $1.3 million. The apartment's Arts and Crafts finishes include old public school doors with frosted glass panes. [Big Deal/'Rachel Comey Buys Soho Loft']

152 East 81st Street

152 East 81st Street, New York, NY 10028