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Stalled Williamsburg Condo Building Getting a Facade Facelift

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You know what sounds like a pricey building material? Jerusalem Gold Stone. Which is why it was a shame when vandals defiled the stalled 42-unit condo building at 349 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, a neighborhood not known for pricey building materials. But check out what's now going on: The building's been stripped!

A Curbed tipster sent us some photos of the work underway at 349 Metropolitan, wondering if the stone has been sent off to the scrapyard. It's unclear, but in March a commenter left this note on the previous post about the building:

This building was finally sold to a new company who is taking steps to complete construction and right all wrongdoings. The Facade will be replaced and it will be offered as RENTALS in summer 2010. Can't wait to see how this one looks when it emerges from out under the knife. Here's another then vs. now shot:

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349 Metropolitan Ave

349 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211