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Comedy, Tragedy & Gehry to Live on at World Trade Center

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The Port Authority was supposed to decide on a developer to buy a stake in the 1 World Trade Center tower today, but while that decision has been put off until July, the PA's board will still handle some serious ground zero redevelopment business at its meeting. We're talking about the fate of the WTC's performing arts center, an overlooked and nearly forgotten component of the original master plan for the site. Now intended to house the Joyce Theater company, the performing arts center is on its ninth life because rapidly progressing WTC infrastructure work threatens to blanket the arts center site before a foundation and other underground elements can be built. But fear not, Frank Gehry fans, the show will go on!

Though the Port Authority and other officials won't comment, both the Times and Journal report a deal has been reached for the city to reimburse the Port Authority for the costs of building the performing arts center's central foundation while there's still time. The tab will run just over $44 million, and the money will come from a $50 million fund controlled by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

The LMDC was actually campaigning to move the arts center to the site of the Deutsche Bank Building at 130 Liberty Street, where it would be cheaper and easier to build. However, this deal, expected to be approved by the PA's board today, indicates the original plan?with the center occupying space on the north end of the WTC site next to 1 World Trade Center?is moving forward, complete with Frank Gehry's still-not-quite-revealed design. Those building blocks should get some trademark Franktastic curves soon enough.
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