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MTA Keeps Renter's Market Going on Second Avenue

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Don't cry too hard for the latest round of Second Avenue subway displacees. Sure, their buildings may be falling, but their bank balances? Probably not so much! If we sound a little bitter, it's because, according to the Times, renters who have to leave their Second Avenue apartments for a month or two will get stipends of $5,000/month?if they live in a studio. Those in one-bedrooms will get $6K/month, and two-bedroom renters get $9K. Of course, finding a short-term rental is tough, so renters could instead stay in luxury hotel Marmara Manhattan, where 1BRs start at $5,500/month, with gym and dry cleaning included. Either way, the MTA will pay each relocated person $40 per day for meals, moving and furniture storage costs, plus the rent and utilities for the apartment the person's vacating. Hey, MTA, the renter's market was supposed to be over!
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