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Anyone Care About Tower 111?; Calatrava Construction Contract

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Photo by Will Femia.

MIDTOWN?Sixth Avenue window stealer Tower 111 was dressed in orange for its fall/winter collection. Now its sporting a much sleeker look for spring/summer. Is this 47-story behemoth the city's least-talked-about new tower? Who's got the scoop on this Costas Kondylis creation? [CurbedWire Staff]

FIDI?The headlines coming out of yesterday's Port Authority board meeting were dominated by the performing arts center deal, but the PA also made moves on Santiago Calatrava's big bird. From the press release: "The Port Authority Board of Commissioners today approved the first major construction contracts - totaling more than $100 million - for the iconic Santiago Calatrava-designed Transit Hall and Oculus portions of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub." Spread your wings and fly! [CurbedWire Inbox]

Tower 111

885 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY