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Long Island City Condo Wars Heating Up

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Earlier we pointed out that three new Long Island City condo buildings, all quite interesting in their own right, would be hitting the market around the same time. That time is right about now, and the competition for eyeballs and attention (and buyers, the Three Condoteers hope) is ramping up. Jackson Avenue's East of East, the one with the metal facade and art obsession, has already put some listings on the market in the $527,000 to $864,000 range. The building will be displaying LIC-inspired art starting this weekend, and in an e-mail to friends and family, the developers do a bit of boasting: "As we now have owners committed on three of our best units, you'll do better if you don't wait two weeks to get the VIP tour." Three sold before an official opening? Surely this chest puffing won't go unanswered by one of East of East's rivals!

Nearby is the angular 10-17 Jackson Avenue, the former mystery building now known as 1 Vernon Jackson. Sales in the 33-unit building are still by appointment only (apartments range from the $400s up to $1 million), but the building is having a "community preview" event next week, so all will be revealed soon. In the meantime, the development's full website has launched, complete with floorplans. Here are some highlights:

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