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Luxury Rentals Infiltrate Jamaica, Devour Everything in Their Path

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We don't often get invited to grand opening parties out in Jamaica, but Moda is trying to do something different from its eastern Queens brethren. The rental building, made up of studios/1BRs/2BRs, has the look and feel (and marketing) of a new luxury rental building way out west, in Manhattan. Concierge? Check. Fitness center? Yup. Landscaped roof deck? You know it! Even the URL is a bit snooty: You can head there to see a photo gallery of the building's insides, but what we'd really love to see is a photo of Moda's exterior, because is it just us, or is the rendering slightly insane?

It almost looks like a glassy flesh-eating bacteria is swallowing an old building whole. Is that the case? Here's how Moda's website describes the design:

As a brand new building, Moda’s distinct architecture incorporates modern-day elegance with the former building’s brick and stone façade. And while the exterior offers a glimpse into the building’s rich history, the interior offers a look into the future of the Jamaica area — providing residents with the most up-to-date services and amenities available.Is this what they mean by teaching an old dog new tricks? The 346-unit LEED-certified building has a chunk of affordable housing inside, and the market-rate availabilities currently listed on the site range from $1,115 to $2,292 per month. Seems reasonable, and remember, the AirTrain is your oyster!
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