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As City Council's Domino Vote Approaches, Feud Heats Up

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Now that the City Planning Commission's consideration of the controversial New Domino project, which would convert the former sugar refinery into a 2,200-unit complex, is finished, what's happening while we wait for the City Council vote? Politics! The Observer and the Times dig into the political wrangling now happening behind the scenes. Domino's fate hangs partly on a feud between Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez and his protege Councilman Steve Levin on one side, and Lopez's former chief of staff, City Council member Diana Reyna, on the other. Reyna's okay with the project as it is, but Lopez and Levin want the planned 40-story towers chopped to 28 stories and the affordable housing increased from 660 units to 800. Since the Council usually defers to the local member, who in this case is Levin, there's some incentive for the developer to start compromising. Will we see some FloorChoppage?
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New Domino

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