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Big Reveal: Low Common Charges, But What's the Ask?

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And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game!

Location: 219 West 80th Street, #4C
Asking: $825,000

If the Pspot peanut gallery is on target, this 2BR, 2BA condo will probably sell somewhere in the $700Ks, instead of at the ask of $825,000. And that's if the open house attendees don't go into shock, as one commenter noted: "The staging of the photos could be the best part about this listing. Like one of those optical illusion rooms, the desk in front of the bedroom door is a small, childsize desk. It doesn't even rise to the height of the doorknob....Other gems: the small dining room table is there in one shot, but then removed for the angle from the kitchen, and the desk/dresser in the master bedroom are again child-sized." Last sold for $675,000 in 2006.
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