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Rangers Goalie Henrik Lundqvist Too Hot for the Upper West Side

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Isn't it always interesting to see how famous athletes live it up in the city? God we hope so, because with the Rangers not making the NHL playoffs this season, that's really the only reason why anybody's going to care about seeing goalie Henrik Lundqvist's Upper West Side condo. Make that his former Upper West Side condo, because the Times reports he just sold the 1,300-square-foot two-bedroom on the 20th floor of 225 West 83rd Street. No deed has reached public record yet, but the last asking price was $1.75 million, which is exactly what the sexy Swede (or so we're told!) paid for the place a few years back. He's moved on to a $3.9 penthouse in West 52nd Street's The Link, which probably has views all the way into enemy Devils' territory.

· Rangers’ Lundqvist Sells Condo [NYT]
· Listing: 225 West 83rd Street [Modlin Group]

225 West 83rd Street

225 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024