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Ghetto Superstar Wants Out of Midtown Condo Contract

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The buyer rebellion movement finally has a famous face: Pras! Of the Fugees, of course! (Might as well save you the Wikipedia trip.) The rapper put down a $369,000 deposit on a $2.46 million two-bedroom condo at the Platinum, the glassy tower on West 46th Street near Times Square known for its 26-foot-long lobby fireplace and Donald-Trump-hating cutie patooties. Now Pras has joined the ranks of disgruntled buyers seeking refunds. He tells the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil he was promised 12-foot ceilings, but an inspector's measurements (what a job!) prove that his ceilings are in fact only 9 feet high. It's killing him softly! Developer SJP Properties says the suit has no merit, but that's for the courts to decide, which is what we said the last time some buyers sued the Platinum over broken promises. Sounds like these Platinum sales have become a broken record. Get it???
· Fugee-daboudit! [NYP; fifth item]