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Big Williamsburg Building Loses its Head but Survives!

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Back when the Williamsburg waterfront was in its post-rezoning gold rush, plans were drawn up for a 33-story tower with retail, 200 hotel rooms (believed to be an Aloft) and 98 apartments at 11 Broadway, a big chunk of land at Kent Avenue. Construction never kicked off, and the stalled site made quite the pair with its twin pit at 53 Broadway. But now, with projects all over the city seeing new life thanks to the market showing a pulse, a neighbor reports that this one is also coming back from the dead, with a brand new look.

Our tipster writes:

Looks like there is a new plan for Broadway and Kent Avenue. They have painted the construction wall and started digging. I did a quick search and found this link to a new plan and a link to the old plan. Would have preferred to loss my view to the first one. Might have bought in. The new plan looks sad.
Looks pretty chipper to us! Off-the-shoulder rendering girl can't get enough! Here are the details on the new 11 Broadway plan, which calls for 15 stories and 160 rental apartments. There's also a below-ground parking garage, and two retail spaces. According to the LoopNet listing, a grocer is being wooed to take the bigger store. Recently filed permits list GreenbergFarrow as the architects behind the new 11 Broadway, and they also drew up the old plans, which can be seen in the gallery above as well as on the firm's website. Quit living in the past, dudes!
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11 Broadway

11 Broadway, Brooklyn, PA 11211

11 Broadway

11 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY