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Midtown Setai's Penthouses Now More Than $4,000/Square Foot

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If version 1.0 of the pricing at the Setai Fifth Avenue seemed like a shocker with that $3,991/square foot penthouse, better brace, because the building's already raising its prices. Twelve of the 13 units listed on StreetEasy now cost more. Most of the increases are minor, under 5 percent. But then there are the two penthouses, which have decided to fish for buyers with even deeper pockets. PH59AS, previously asking $12.835 million, is now nine percent more expensive at $14 million. And PH59EN, which was $14.33 million at the beginning of the month, is now asking $16 million, or $4,456 per square foot. Such confidence! And if the brokers at the building's launch party are to be believed, it's not misplaced. Foreign buyers are allegedly lining up for a Fifth Avenue address. And time travel is possible!

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Setai Fifth Avenue

400 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

The Setai Fifth Avenue

400 5th Ave., New York, NY 10018