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SPURA Madness Makes Annual Lower East Side Appearance

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Every summer we like to check in on the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area (SPURA), the network of parking lots south of Delancey Street near the Williamsburg Bridge that happens to be the largest parcel of undeveloped city-owned land south of 96th Street. For 40 years plans to build housing on SPURA have been bogged down by neighborhood debate over who gets to live there, though flashy plans and renderings have occasionally surfaced. Hardcore SPURAites will remember that the topic made a rare off-season cameo in November, when the committee chairman tasked with formulating a final SPURA plan threatened to pull the plug on the whole thing. Did they pull it together?

Based on this Villager update that doesn't really need to go beyond one sentence, it would appear not:

Members of Community Board 3’s Housing and Land Use Committee were told in no uncertain terms at a Mon., June 21, meeting that they needed to get their act together if anything was ever going to be done by the city to develop five parcels of land south of Delancey St. at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge that have remained vacant for more than 40 years.Whew, what a year! See you next summer, SPURA!
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