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Attractive Youngsters Attend Rooftop Party; Old Liquor Sign Junked

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FAR WEST SIDE?The new luxury rental towers are sprouting like weeds, meaning this is the summer of rooftop reveals. Last week was The Brooklyner (controversially!) and right here we've got a look at what's on top of massive Hudson Yards-area building 505 West 37th Street, or 505W37. Except you can't see much because of all the party people that hit up Saturday's unveiling. The tequila was flowing, the Dos Equis was fizzing and the beats were pumping up on the 36th floor space. With regards to the actual roof deck, it’s needless to say that the views are spectacular, and it makes a nice pairing with the Miami-hip/nightlife-centric lifestyle of the residents that the building is catering to. Imagine the cocktail party possibilities! Rent starts at a hair over $3,000 a month for a one bedroom and $4,600 for a two bedroom. BYOB. [CurbedWire Staff]

BOERUM HILL?Now that Lost City is gone, who will cover the vintage signs beat? A tipster was probably wondering the same thing when he sent us this: "The old neon Ace Liquor sign at Atlantic & Nevins is down on the street. The owner says going for scrap. Can someone rescue?" Sure, bring her over and we'll take care of her. [CurbedWire Inbox]

505 W 37

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