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Does Anyone Want These Cheap Williamsburg Rentals?

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New affordable housing built within luxury developments used to be met with high levels of interest and extremely competitive lotteries. Now it seems like developers can't give the stuff away?or find enough qualified applicants. Along Kent Avenue are the Williamsburg Community Apartments, the affordable rentals portion of waterfront condo development Edge. The 347 subsidized rentals have their own separate leasing office and a website for easy downloading of applications. Apparently that's not enough.

Every day, the same Craigslist ad pops up advertising the $1,198/month two-bedroom apartments with the same photos (Edge buyers probably won't be confusing these apartments for their own) and fine print: To qualify, households must be comprised of 3-4 people, with an annual income between $50,278 and $61,450. A memo to all those struggling Williamsburg bands out there: Agree on one last name for every member and snap these babies up!
· Listing: $1198 / 2br - Williamsburg Affordable 2 Bedroom Apartments [Craigslist]
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