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Devonshire House Buyer Makes Peace With Lobby 'Crime'

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The condo conversion of the pre-war Devonshire House at University Place and East 10th Street has been a huge success, but there was one minor speed bump on the new ownership's path to unbridled riches and praise: A risky renovation of the building's classic Emery Roth lobby ("after" shot seen above). Even the Times dedicated space to the controversy, and one remaining renter in the building was pretty vocal about the changes:

"The lobby, as it is, is quite beautiful," said David Mann, the president of MR Architecture and Decor, who has rented a penthouse studio in the building for nearly two decades. "I am fearful about what they might do that may never be changed back. To rip out the floors, to me, is a crime."Records show Mann just paid $438,750 for his studio, making him one of the building's first buyers and, we suppose, an accessory to murder.
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The Devonshire

28 east 10th street, New York, New York