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Cotton Field Getting Planted Under High Line's HL23

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Two years ago, a fake cotton field appeared at the corner of Lafayette and Houston streets. The field is on its way back to New York for the summer, but this time it will be planted under the High Line, as part of a new event space. Archpaper has renderings of the project, designed by Konyk Architecture and going right under HL23 (the prefab structure now housing the building's sales office will soon host a series of pop-up shops instead). In addition to seats made out of cotton bales and a plywood "flat field" meant to look like a "fiberlike landscape based on the botanical profiles of Pima cotton," Craig Konyk says the design includes "a mirror where you can look up through a slot and see the facade" of HL23. Warning: brain explosions may result.
Plus, it'll all glow at night:

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