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Family-Friendly Apartments Sell; Room for a Bed in LIC; More!

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1) A somewhat surprising entry in the category of properties that are selling well right now: 3BR and 4BR, $2.5 to $7 million apartments. Developers of projects like Manhattan House and The Brompton are trying new layouts with lots of bedrooms and big kitchens, geared toward families or? "because 60 is the new 40," explains one broker?empty nesters. ['Large Apartments Are the Rage in New York City']

2) This week's hunter couple ran into an unexpected problem in their Long Island City apartment search: their furniture was too big! After backing out of a deal at Arris Lofts, they found only apartments where they would need a crane to get their bed into the bedroom. Finally, they found a 1,200-square-foot duplex at the PowerHouse, asking $1.3 million, for which they paid about $833,000. Sweet dreams, hunters! [The Hunt/'In Long Island City, a Couple Find Just the Right Place']

3) The resident of an East 36th Street triplex is being sued for turning her new apartment into an illegal hotel that "resembled a military barracks," with bunk beds lining the walls. The resident, who paid a year's rent in advance, said she didn't know renting out the bunks was illegal. Annoyed neighbors, have we got the group for you. ['Tony apt. now 'barracks''/NYP]
4) What has a marble lobby, city views, chandeliers, and perennials in the courtyard? The Shelton, a new affordable co-op in Bed-Stuy. The Times names it the poster child for a new trend: luxury design for affordable housing. How affordable? Pending state approval, Shelton apartments will probably go for $127,000 to $443,000. [Posting/'A Design Makeover for Affordable Housing']

Manhattan House

200 East 66th Street, New York, NY