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Stadium's Death Gives Park Life; Harlem's 2280 FDB Kicks Off Closings; Flushing's Million-Dollar Condos

BRONX?Today a bunch of important guys in suits showed up in the Bronx to break ground on Heritage Park, the 10-acre grasstravaganza on part of the site of old Yankee Stadium (R.I.P.). Heritage Park will have three fields, new bleachers, a comfort station, a play area and "elements commemorating the old Stadium," but not the big one some people wanted to save. DER-EK JE-TER! [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?One of the fancier new pads in the Frederick Douglass Boulevard development hot zone is 2280 FDB, and according to a press release the building just got its TCO and closings will begin this week. Remaining residences in the 89-unit, 12-story building are priced from $509,000 to $1.889 million. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLUSHING?Troubled shopping mall/luxury condo development Sky View Parc is back on track in a big way, a tipster whispers: "I hear the first closings of apts at Sky View Parc are starting today...this thing is built on the flushing river and the apts are selling for about $650 per square the sales office says. I heard they have sold several 2 bedroom apts for around 1 million and 3 bedrooms for up to 1.3 million... what? The apts are built on top of a new Target, Best Buy, Bob's Furniture and Marshalls and they call it hear Related recently swooped in and has taken over sales. Guess this is the new Time Warner Center for Queens." Words we'd never thought we'd hear. The project's website says prices top out over $2 million. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Sky View Parc

2822 College Point Blvd., New York, NY 11354