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Renovated Upper East Side Townhouse Tries, Tries Again

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Our lives would probably be less interesting without the townhouse at 20 East 64th Street. The property sold for $26.25 million in late 2005 to Irish real estate investor Derek Quinlan. It popped back up the next year as a rental with the low, low price of, er, $90,000/month. So we're not totally shocked that when it returned to the sales market last year, it wanted a whopping $37 million. Did it get it? Nope! It didn't have any luck at $32 million, either. Now the folks at PropertyShark point out the renovated house has come back to market (without a floorplan, sadly) asking $29.5 million. Sounds like Derek Quinlan might be open to negotiation, especially since he also recently tried and failed to unload his $27 million townhouse at nearby 54 East 64th Street.
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20 East 64th Street

20 East 64th Street, New York, NY