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Apartments in Boerum Hill Stamp Building Hit the Rental Market

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There hasn't been a lot of luxury rental product hitting Boerum Hill, but that doesn't mean the neighborhood doesn't want it. This building is Atlantic Stamp at 307 Atlantic Avenue, named after the Academy Stamp Company that used to stand on the site. According to the marketing folks, the building opened this past Saturday and is nearly 60 percent leased. The website definitely seems to be going for that historical/rubber-stamps-were-made-here vibe, but what about the apartments? The finishes and amenities seem pretty standard, and the apartment stock consists of studios and one- and two-bedrooms. According to a fact sheet from the developer, the studios start at $1900/month, 1BRs at $2,475, and 2BRs at $3,450. Is all the renter enthusiasm warranted?
· Official website: Atlantic Stamp []
· Listings: Atlantic Stamp []

Atlantic Stamp Building

307 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Atlantic Stamp

307 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY