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Devastating Chinatown Fire Creates Exciting Hotel Opportunity!

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Last year a fire that started in the Hong Kong Supermarket spread to two neighboring tenements at 107 and 109 East Broadway, causing loads of damage and the eventual demolition of the flame-ravaged buildings. The prominent corner site has remained an empty sandlot, but Bowery Boogie notices some dirt finally getting pushed around and a new permit for a seven-story hotel/dorm at the 95 Henry Street address.

The design firm listed is Michael Kang Architect, which we're guessing is the same Michael Kang Architect that became involved in the scandalous Gertel's bakery demolition and later surrendered self-certification privileges. In other words, hopes aren't high for something spectacular emerging from this sad situation, but for now all we've got are the schematics dug up by Bowery Boogie.
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