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Cute Puppies, $20k Rental Embroiled in 15 Central Park West Feud

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Turns out the Limestone Jesus isn't immune to the issues that plague other, less-billionaire-clogged apartment towers in this town. Sure, 15 Central Park West can shut down entire city blocks, but it can't keep its dirty laundry out of Page Six! In a long (for a gossip sheet) and thorough item, the Sixers recount the highlights of a landlord-tenant squabble going on between hedge fund mogul Russell Abrams and Marisa Chearavanont, from whom Abrams is renting a $20,000-per-month two-bedroom apartment. Abrams claims he was promised a second year on his lease (15 CPW permits only one-year leases) but now Chearavanont and her Brown Harris Stevens broker have conspired to oust him and rent the place out to someone else for $30,000. Alert the lawyers!

There's a lawsuit, obvi, and Abrams claims the attorney for his Hong Kong-based landlord sent him a "menacing" letter that threatened eviction over his violation of the building's no-pet policy. (That's right, cold-hearted 15 CPW is anti-puppy!) Says the broker at the center of the storm: "This is a very high-end building. I don't appreciate this." The real mystery, of course, is why the high-rolling Abrams doesn't just buy an apartment in the building if he likes it so much, or at least go somewhere where his two golden retriever pups will be more welcomed. If he wants to stick around with Denzel, Sting, A-Rod and the gang, we've got the perfect place picked out!
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