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Penthouse's Private Pool Almost as Shocking as Maintenance Bill

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The city's public pools are now open, but who needs a public pool when the alternative is this, a private pool in the penthouse of Sutton Place co-op the Excelsior? Answer: people who don't have $5.25 million to fork over for the apartment. The 2BR, 3.5BA hit the market in July '09 for $5.75 million, but perhaps it wasn't hot enough last summer?or perhaps prospective buyers couldn't look past the $13,894 monthly maintenance fee?because we're now two PriceChops and one broker switch past that. A tipster wonders whether the pool started out belonging to the whole co-op, and we're not sure either. The tipster writes: "seems like a fair price i guess what to compare?" Or does the maintenance throw cold water on the whole thing?
· Listing: Penthouse With Private Pool [Sotheby's]

The Excelsior

303 East 57th Street, New York, NY