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Council and Developer Reach Compromise on New Domino

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As the City Council's vote on the controversial New Domino project approaches, the project's developer has faced some political pressure to compromise on size and affordable housing in the plan to convert the sugar refinery into a 2,200-unit complex. Turns out all the political wrangling worked, because the Brooklyn Paper reports developer Community Preservation Corporation Resources has agreed to chop six floors from its two planned 40-story towers but still keep all 660 units of affordable housing. Why so accommodating all of a sudden? A petition by local industrial landowners against the project means that Council now needs a supermajority, not just a majority, to pass New Domino. On the other side, Mayor Bloomberg asked Councilman Steve Levin, New Domino's enemy no. 1, to be more open to compromise. City Council approval of the project is now looking like a pretty sure thing.
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New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY