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Forever 21's Times Square Takeover; The French Invade Manhattan

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And now, the latest from Racked NY, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Midtown West: Haven't looked up in Times Square lately? That's the only way you could have missed the gigantic Forever 21 sign. The equally gigantic store (larger than the other three combined) opens soon.

2) MePa/Soho: Five French clothing brands?Comptoir de Cotonniers, Sandro, Maje, Vanessa Bruno, and Zadig & Voltaire?are planning to invade New York before the end of 2011. Vive la, uh, French apparel industry?

3) NYC: Speaking of invasions, Alexander Wang will also be opening his first NYC boutique within a year. No word yet on the location, but Racked kindly invites you to guess.

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