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New Identities Pitched for Troublesome Hudson Square

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How do you solve a problem like West Soho? Or is it the Lower West Side? Or Hudson Square? Whichever neighborhood name you choose, one thing's clear: None are catchy enough to stick in the minds of tourists. And now that Trump Soho and other hotels are on the way, these visitors need catchy abbreviations, damn it! Two fresh ideas have recently surfaced, both focusing on the neighborhood's biggest attraction:

1) From Fred Bernstein's Times Trump Soho review: "Despite the name, this isn’t really SoHo. More like NoHoTu — North of the Holland Tunnel ..."

Curbed's take: Not bad, but it sounds like an ancient Indian greeting. NoHoTu, pilgrim!
Chance of stickability: 8.5%

2) From the new AIA Guide to New York City: "Developers keep trying to dub this area 'Hudson Square,' but we don't buy it. Trump tries to pass it off as SoHo. HoTunA ('Holland Tunnel Approach') anyone?"

Curbed's take: Funny and delicious! Though we still favor Hudson Square because we love how riled up people get when someone uses a nickname coined by the real estate arm of a church. Still, well done!
Chance of stickability: 17.3%
· Hotel Review: Trump SoHo in New York City [NYT]