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First 166 Perry Flipper Thinks Market is Doing Just Fine, Thanks

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The buyer of apartment #1A at 166 Perry Street?Asymptote's spaceship of wavy glass right next to Richard Meier's West Village towers?got a pretty hefty discount on the duplex. It was listed at $3,750,000, but an LLC called One A Perry Holdings closed on it at a price of $3,054,750 in February, a nearly 20% chop. Big discounts are nothing new in the building (nearly $10 million was knocked off the combined penthouses), but you know what is? Hot resale action!

The buyer has put the 2,588sqft 3BR/3.5BA back on the market, and after a brief four months of ownership, has upped the price to $5 million. That's $1,931/sqft after previously trading for just $1,180/sqft, and we don't think the building hasn't changed its name to 15 Central Park West, so this 2007 flashback has left us dizzy and confused. Who are you, mystery flipper? Raphael De Niro has the listing, so odds are decent that it's a notable name. Check out the floorplan and tell us if Meierville has become Crazyville.

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166 Perry Street

166 Perry Street, New York, NY