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Intense Russian Advertecture Haunts MSG; 'Burg Oldie Takes a Loss

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MIDTOWN? Nets-owning Russian supervillain (and Atlantic Yards savior) Mikhail Prokhorov bought billboard space across the street from Madison Square Garden to tout his partnership with Jay-Z and mess with Knicks execs' minds. Intimidation is an art in the former USSR, and this ridiculously huge mural should also probably hang in a museum one day, too. Go Nyets? [Pic via Jeff Baum's Tumblr]

WILLIAMSBURG?Old school Curbed obsession 55 Berry Street was finished in 2007, which is 87 years ago in Williamsburg years. How's it holding up? Pretty well, a tipster says: "Now that 55 berry has all these new neighbors, look how the value has held up. #6F, sold 10/15/2007: $1,206,626; sold 6/07/2010: $1,078,110. Considering the market, 55 Berry held its value more than I thought it would." Sure, but isn't the goal to, you know, not lose money? [CurbedWire Inbox]