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The LeBron Trophy Home Tour's Latest Stop: Billy Joel's Old Place!

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Though NBA pundits now think the Knicks (and Nets!) only have a slim chance of signing LeBron James, his ongoing New York City housing hunt is giving fans hope. Sure, he may only be looking for an off-season pied-a-terre, but work with us here, people! A LeBron purchase would be one of the biggest celebrity real estate stories of the year, so naturally, chatty superbroker Dolly Lenz is getting involved. She tells the Post BronBron has checked out a few West Village townhouses, including, conveniently enough, Lenz's $12.9 million 23 Perry Street listing. Does that address sound familiar?

Of course it does, silly! That's the 4,000-square-foot townhouse with a secret swimming pool that stayed with cookbook author Katie Lee following her divorce from Billy Joel. While the thought of an outsize superstar professional athlete like LeBron James hunkering down in a cozy West Village townhouse seems odd, hey, Tom Brady did it. Then again, Mr. Gisele didn't have jilted Knicks fans to worry about. Hire a beefy butler, LeBron! Lenz's listing has small pictures of the meticulously renovated house, but we've recycled a few old ones from a home decor magazine, seen in the gallery above. A bit dainty for the King, no?
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23 Perry Street

23 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014

23 Perry Street

23 Perry Street, New York, NY