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Lights! Camera! Moat! Inside Long Island City's Murano

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

Get ready, Long Island City, because here comes Murano, lighting up Borden Avenue like nothing this formerly industrial block (and maybe all of Queens) has seen before. By now we're all familiar with the quirky building's quirkiest features: the nightly LED light show; the lobby that looks like it belongs in a W Hotel; the frickin' moat. Yesterday we saw it all first hand, and our gift to you, Curbed readers, is the above look inside and outside LIC's boldest glassy condo creation. The building will officially greet the public at its first open house this weekend, and last night's party was held to introduce brokers to the property and flip on the lights for a test run. Listings are already on the market, and you'll see a 2BR/2BA model unit in the gallery above. The risk of seizure is probably not as great as watching a Japanese cartoon, but beware those rapidly changing colors!
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519 Borden Avenue, Queens, NY