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Flippers Compete With the Chopper at Battery Park City's Riverhouse

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Battery Park City's Riverhouse hasn't had an easy first half of 2010, with a pre-foreclosure filing, a developer ousting, a change in management, some PriceChoppage, and one eco-conscious lawsuit. Perhaps the owners of #5B are tired of the circus, because they're trying to flip their 865-square-foot 1BR, 1BA, which they bought for $906,242 in 2008. The new ask is $1.15 million, the same price as a larger 2BR sponsor unit upstairs. #5B isn't one of the water view apartments, either: the brokerbabble trumpets city and Teardrop Park views, plus a "sliver view of North Cove Marina" from a "niche" in the master bedroom. But maybe the building's sales history is on the sellers' side here?

Maybe not. The last Riverhouse flipper sold #6K for only $771,033? after buying it for $829,873, more than the asking price. And although the building's new sponsors claim to have chopped the building's prices back in line with the market, recent closings are still hovering between 15 and 20 percent off. Still, sometimes a flipper gets lucky.
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