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'Burg Hotel Toshi Outpost Lacks C of O, About to Get Busted?

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Hotel Toshi seems to be everywhere these days. On the streets, at 808 Driggs Avenue, maybe in Nolita, and at 135 Metropolitan Avenue, a building we've heard about from two different tipsters this week. Writes one: "Slow motion construction for two years, suddenly occupied by tourists a few weeks ago....Not only is the building being used as an illegal hotel, but it has no certificate of occupancy." Indeed, DOB records show a certificate of occupancy violation served this week. Tipster #1 asks, "How long before it gets raided?" Excellent question! Let's turn to tipster #2, who writes:

I've learned through a source at the Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement that a fairly big "bust" of sorts is about to break up the Hotel Toshi organization. They have cut deals with a number of shady developers in North Williamsburg who need to make money on buildings that are mostly complete but have no Certificate of Occupancy - 135 Metropolitan being a prime example. I wouldn't plan on a lot of their "$500 Security Deposits" being returned via PayPal after that. Anyone else have any other intel?
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