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Inventory Check at Silver Towers, 80 DeKalb, The Corner

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New York's thirst for new luxury rentals can only be compared with New York's thirst for artisanal cocktails served in faux-speakeasies by guys in suspenders. Recently roughly 427,693 glassy high-rises have opened, offering renters fancy amenities like lobby rock concerts, rooftop misting walls and, uh, Skee-Ball. It's working! We already know about the strong openings at DoBro's The Brooklyner and Williamsburg's 34 Berry, and here's fresh intel on other high-end n00bs:

1) Silver Towers: Developer Larry Silverstein's gigantic glassy pair over in East New Jersey (pardon, far West 42nd Street) is now 70% leased. That's a whopping 650 units rented.
2) 80 DeKalb: Theories of an oversaturated Downtown Brooklyn market were apparently just theories. The 36-story 80 DeKalb (aka DKLB BKLN) has hit the 80% leased mark (234 units rented).
3) The Corner: The wildly pricey Upper West Side conversation piece has leased 91 of its 195 apartments (46%) since opening in April, the Daily News reports. That rent roll is probably already larger than some nations' GDP.

We've learned it time and time again: Never doubt the power of Skee-Ball.
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