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A Republican in Chelsea? Now We've Seen Everything

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Ken Mehlman is the GOP operative and Bush administration higher-up who resigned as chairman of the Republican National Committee not long after questions surfaced about his sexual orientation. He'll probably be on his critics' gaydar for a while longer following his decision to settle in Chelsea?the Chelsea Mercantile, to be exact, where neighbors include Marc Jacobs and Lance Bass.

Mehlman just paid $3.775 million for a 2,200-square-foot 2BR/3BA loft on the 17th floor, and according to the listing (still viewable on the rather spectacular website of broker/designer Fionn Campbell), that's the highest apartment in the building's best line. The apartment was only on the market for a month, and Mehlman paid $100k above the asking price. Aggressive move, but as his old boss would say, he's the decider.
· Chelsea Condo for a Republican Stalwart [NYT]
· Listing: 252 7th Avenue #17I [Chelseek]

Chelsea Mercantile

252 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY, 10001