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Midtown's Setai Sets its Sights on Nearly $4,000/Square Foot

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There was a lot to process in the first infodump about the Setai Fifth Avenue: opening date, restaurant, indoor/outdoor residents' lounge, spa, ice cave! But all the talk about European-style luxury couldn't quite distract us from the fact that the floorplans and renderings had no prices attached. Finally, a few listings are available, and, well, the amenities (there's also an Aqua Grotto and Experiential Showers!) aren't the only building features that are a relic of a happier, pricier time. Wallets ready? The listed apartments so far range from a $1.675 million 1BR to a $14.33 million penthouse that works out to a whopping $3,991 per square foot. That's more expensive than Trump Soho, and we all know how well those sales are going. Hey, Setai sales office, it's 2007 on the phone, asking for its prices back!

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The Setai Fifth Avenue

400 5th Ave., New York, NY 10018