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Former Met Director Buys $1.75 Million UES Apartment

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Retired Metropolitan Museum of Art director and major museum world figure Philippe de Montebello is the new owner of this 2BR, 2BA Carnegie Hill condo. He and his wife paid $1.75 million, a little under the asking price of $1.795 million. The listed amenities seem fairly spare as far as luxury condos go, with a roof terrace, storage space and garage. And we're a bit surprised de Montebello, who was the longest-serving director in the history of the Met, not to mention the narrator of the museum's audio guides, didn't choose a place with more of a gallery feel. But there are probably some decent art-hanging and statue-standing spots in that living room.

· Listing: 40 East 94th Street [Stribling]
· Sale: 40 East 94th Street, Apt. 11G [ACRIS]