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UWS Co-op Lobby Gets a Makeover; Hunting on $1,500/Month

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1) Emery Roth-designed Central Park West co-op the Ardsley has finally finished its lobby redo, and the Times takes a look at the, er, nuanced negotiation process between the designer and the co-op board: "I said to the board, 'This is the original color,' [the designer] recalled, "and they said, 'How do you know?' and I said, 'Because I like it.'" [Posting/'A Mirror Image Restoration, of a Sort, at the Ardsley Lobby']

2) One possible response to New Yorkers' insistence that it's impossible to find an apartment under $1,500: don't believe them! This week's hunter paid $1,900/month for her railroad Yorkville 2BR and wanted a better deal. A few dingy basement apartments letter, she found paradise in Brooklyn's Kensington neighborhood: children on bikes, couples holding hands, and a "spacious, sunny" 1BR for $1,200. [The Hunt/'An Apartment for Under $1,500, or Bust']

3) Starchitect Richard Meier chats with the Times about his efforts to give back to Newark, his birthplace, and about Brooklyn sympathy hog On Prospect Park: "I felt badly for the people who were living there, but they didn't seem to mind." Not even when they couldn't find the microwaves! [Square Feet/'The 30-Minute Interview - Richard Meier']
4) There are a few details on how the rental market report sausage gets made in this piece on how to survive the end of the renter's market. So, how is a renter to survive the end of a good market? The upshot seems to be to use a broker, or a web service that will eventually connect you with a broker, so that you, too, can be like the renter whose broker found him a $2,000/month studio on Roosevelt Island. ['Tips on Renting in a Web-Site World']

5) The city and state took the "damn" out of the name of the Rent is Too Damn High Party, and pro-tenant protester Jimmy McMillan isn't having it. He filed a suit in Brooklyn federal court last week for $50 million in damages and the reinstatement of the party's full name. ['Lots of damn nonsense'/NYP]

Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238