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Trump Soho Apartments Selling; Trump Soho Bathtubs for Sale!

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The 46-story extended middle finger known as the Trump Soho recently came clean about how many condo-hotel units it has sold to date: 62, which is less than 16% of the building's inventory, but still sounds impressive for tiny exorbitantly expensive hotel rooms that can only legally be occupied for 120 days per year. It's been an epic journey, but now, four years and nearly 100 Curbed posts later, the first Trump Soho buyers have closed on their purchases. The online city register shows two done deals so far:

1) #2003: Sold for $1.283 million to Yunhee Chung of Great Neck, NY.
2) #2908: Sold for $1.207 million to, wait for it, Uxona Iberica Sociedad Limitada.

The listings were just as secretive as the sales figures, so we're not sure what type of apartments we're dealing with. But if the sales are close to the asking prices, that would likely make them studio suites in the 420sqft range. Did the building actually succeed in its $3,000/sqft mission? Trump wins! And so do Greenpoint developers! Wait, what?

Above, part of the flier being posted on construction sites all over Greenpoint. At least now we know one reason why Trump Soho apartments are so expensive: manufacturing costs for 2x the fancy tubs!
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