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Gently Used One York Condo Isn't Trying to Break Even

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Is One York's moment of triumph short-lived? The building's penthouse sold last week for nearly $24 million, a nice price for this slice of Tribeca real estate even if it is $10 million off the most recent asking price. So we were a little surprised to see the fresh listing for One York's #5A, which is asking a timid $1.199 milion after selling in '08 for $1.218 million. C'mon, what happened to the shoot for the moon, land among the star(chitect)s pricing strategy?

A whole lotta nothing: the place was listed in February '09 for $1.35 million and didn't sell. Now the owner, one Bruce Platzek, is trying to undercut the pricing on the building's other available units instead. He wants only $1,228/square foot for his 1BR, 1BA, with the other active listing prices averaging $2,146/square foot and closed sales at $1,544/square foot. Think the penthouse buyer is kicking himself for missing out on the deal downstairs?
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One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013