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The Disappearing Deutsch; Imminent Illegal Bowery Demolition?

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FIDI?The cursed and shrouded Deutsche Bank Building on Liberty Street is finally coming down at a pace that pleases this Curbed tipster: "I walked by Broadway and Liberty at lunch time and I noticed how much progress has been made on the demolition of the Deusche Bank building. About 6 months ago the tall building behind it in Battery Park City (is it part of World Financial Center?) was completely hidden from the point where i took the picture. And it is now even revealing the top floors of that gorgeous Beaux Art building too. The owners of the W Hotel must be excited! That hideous building might be almost gone by the time they open their hotel!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?A tipster sounds the alarm on some shadiness going down at 206 Bowery: "Someone should get a pic of the Eviction Notice on the gate at 206 Bowery opposite Rivington St. It's one of the few remaining Federal-style row houses on Bowery from the early 1800s. Unless some light is brought on this historic location, it looks like the owner is moving ahead with plans to demolish the building in the dead of night (a la the recent Henry St. row house). There appears to be no application with DOB, but they seem fine with a slap on the wrist for destroying one of the last real houses on Bowery." Oddly, there are no jobs/filings at all on the DOB site in connection with the property. Here's a building pic via PropertyShark. [CurbedWire Inbox]