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Scandalized UES Townhouse Sells for $13.7M, or Maybe More

When bankrupt art-world schemer Lawrence B. Salander added an indictment to his resume, he and his brokers thought it would be a, uh, convenient moment for a price cut on his Upper East Side townhouse. They chopped the price on 63 East 82nd Street from $25 million to $15.995 million, but they couldn't do anything about the whiff of scandal that hung around from the more than 10 years Salander spent amassing the profits from sales of artwork that didn't belong to him. Turns out, not such a problem! The Salander house has finally sold for close to $14.25 million, the Observer reports. That's according to one of the brokers; others peg the sale a little lower, at $13.7 million. Either way, not a bad profit for a house that cost $4.75 million six years ago. And there's nothing like a possible 18 year prison term for putting some PriceChoppage into perspective!
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