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Villagers Don't Want Gay Pride Parade Ruining Their Wickets

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On June 27, the Gay Pride Parade will sashay down Fifth Avenue and bear right towards Greenwich Street like always, with one change. Let this e-mail from the West 9th Street Block Association explain:

We have just learned that the Gay Pride Parade route on June 27th has been changed this year to come down West 9th Street instead of the commercial block of 8th Street as in past years. President Patty Brundage has been on the phone with the 6th Precinct, the parade organizers, and many others to express our outrage at a major parade coming down our residential street. Most importantly, we have just spent $10,000 to plant our wickets, plus several thousand more to replace wickets and trees, and all this new work and the trees and flowers will be threatened by thousands of spectators crowding the block.

Come to our meeting tonight at 6:30 to hear more and plan for this invasion of stomping feet. We will all need to work together to protect West 9th Street.

True, innocent and impressionable young wickets stand little chance against the corruptive forces of these footstompers, but is it too late? We'll have to wait and see.
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